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Posted on January 1, 2012
  1. Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things. You can include whatever you want here.

Hi my name is Brandon. I am married (to the wife of my youth for 15 years!:) ) and we have four children: 2, 3, 8, 10. I think God’s gift of adoption is awesome. I think God’s gift of marriage is awesome. One of the major things I really enjoy is reading scripture; I am partial to Psalms and memorizing them. I have traveled quite a bit over the years, and when I travel on flights I take an amplified Bible with me (paperback) along with a language book (I love languages) of some sort. One of the times I was reading my Bible, a fellow passenger caught me looking out the window. She remarked that I reminded her of her dad, in that he was always reading his Bible; she then said that looking out at the clouds made her think of Psalm 8. For the life of me, even though I had read the Bible well (the paperback was in tatters), I had no idea what Psalm 8 was about. She sensed this and eased my troubled mind as she rattled-off, “Oh Lord, Our Lord how exceedingly great is Your Name, Your glory is in the heavens…” I immediately knew that she was appointed for me by God, and I have been convicted ever since to memorize entire Psalms as my way of writing His words on my heart much like He has written my name on his hands. The other major thing I like to do is pray for others. I had always been a person that talked to God, ever since I can remember. Anyway, as I grew up and grew in my walk with Christ, I found that God wanted me to intercede for others. Much like Ananias’ story, God is constantly showing me, telling me, appointing, etc., through churches, prisons, missions, hospitals, streets, and marriages, that I should pray for others. One of my most memorable, to this date, was for a homeless man that came up to me and literally asked me to push him into the street so that a car could hit him. I was able to minister the LOVE of Christ as I prayed for him right there on the street. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but exactly where God wanted me to be. I can’t wait to one day rejoice with him in heaven as a brother in Christ. My other main interests, there are so many, include cooking, outdoors, and art.

  1. Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

Tworship has definitely strengthened my walk with God. I readily have a community, a congregation of believers, which pursues God, not because they feel they have to, but because each participant at Tworship really loves God. Each person from around the world is bearing with one and other in prayers and supplications and lifting the Name of God on their own volition, day and night. I really get encouraged when I see people from all over the world, some ending the day and others beginning the day, worshipping God. I am reminded of the Psalm 19:  The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the Firmament displays His handiwork, day tells its tale to day, and night imparts knowledge to night… Through Tworship we have a congregation that is global and yet so close. Tworship has made me just focus more on adoring, praising and chasing God.


  1. What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

I think worship is just an outward display of what is in your heart. I feel overwhelmed when I worship God, when I declare who He is, and when I pray for others. I love that we can have such intimacy from our Lord God. I know that my level of worship has grown; I joyously seek Him in worshipping now. I love that I can begin by singing along to the songs, along with the musicians, and then find myself declaring to God who He is, praising and thanking Him for all that He has done and will do. I love how I can just churn on His Word, and then suddenly the door opens and the meaning behind the words just blows you away! I never want to take for granted the honor that we have to worship Our God at any moment that we get, each day that we are given, and with every breath we draw.

  1. Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

The Tworship group of people is family to me, a spiritual family that is just as bonded by blood as a biological family, perhaps more so, because we are bonded under the blood of Christ. That crimson banner flies over us and gives us each a closeness that goes well beyond this life that we live on Earth. There is such a presence of God dwelling in our praises and in each of our spirits that would make visitors think that we all knew each other deeper than just through twitter, and they are right, because we all know Our Savior, and through Christ we are truly brother and sister, co-heirs with Him.

  1. What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

I definitely enjoy the songs that sing straight to Him! The more I can glorify, praise and give honor to my King, the better. I would like to hold a slot open for the next Tworship set, as I know that each Tworship set has something which the Holy Spirit wants to birth through worship. I would also like to hold a slot for the song to come, when we are all before His throne, seeing His Glory, and are all together singing in celebration. I am currently relishing the music found through IHOP-KC/ 24/7prayer room; like Laura Hackett, Matt Gilman, Cory Asbury, and Misty Edwards. I am addicted to Hillsong United and Hillsong Live, and I also can easily get into worship through Jason Upton, and Jesus Culture.

  1. Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

I am just very appreciative for the congregation of believers that regularly participate in Tworship. I can really grasp and understand what God’s intention must be regarding the idea of corporate worship. It is so beautiful, and I imagine it is for God, to hear His people choosing to love Him, to sing over Him, in all voices and tongues. I know it will be so beautiful to me to one day hear His voice singing over me.

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