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Posted on March 3, 2012
  1. Anita - @AnitaWhoSingsPlease provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things. You can include whatever you want here.

I am Anita, but I think the Lord’s personal name for me is “Little Praise Singer.”  I encountered the presence of Jesus for the first time when I was about four years old, singing at my mother’s grand piano.  I wrote my first worship song seated on the big black bench.  It only had one musical line because I was teaching myself to play at the same time that I was trying to worship the Lord.  I discovered that something amazing happened when I sang what was in my heart to Him and imagined His face at the same time.  I was overwhelmed with love.  I was absolutely taken and captivated by someone I had never seen before, and I had an incredible, unexplainable desire to just see Him and be with Him.  I began to pray and sing and write songs all of the time to the Lord.  I shared them with my family, recorded them on my brown plastic Fisher-Price tape recorder, and sometimes sang them at my small local church.  I know now what was happening to me back then – as a child, I was fixing my eyes on the unseen, and longing for more closeness with the Lord.  My soul still longs deeply for the Lord’s presence today, now that I am a thirtysomething, happily married mother of four through both birth and adoption.  My daily prayer is that the Lord will remind me constantly of the closest walk we have ever had with each other, and that He will make us even closer than that.  I want for the Lord to keep changing me, degree by degree, to be more and more like Him.  I want to feel what He means when He says that He has me engraved on the palm of His hand.  I pray that He strengthens me in the area of obedience to His word in the hardest areas – like quickly forgiving and letting go of hurts – because I don’t want any sin in my heart to come between us at all.  My favorite things?  I absolutely love my husband of nearly 15 years, @waweys, who I have known since I was a teen!  He is the best friend I have on earth – we share everything in life that we can, from weekly date nights to our favorite bands (like Jesus Culture and Hillsong United and all of the IHOP.ORG worship artists) to grocery shopping and imagining our dinners for the next week.  I love my children and all of their unique qualities.  I love praying God’s word back to Him.  I am an absolute Beth Moore Bible study junkie.  I lead women’s Bible study small groups at my church twice weekly, and I lead worship at the large gathering for our women’s Bible study.  My husband and I are currently small group leaders for the 14-week Alpha course for inmates in a state jail, and we have found a new kind of calling in serving together.  I never knew just how amazing it could be to serve together with my husband in ministry – we have always served individually in the past.  We have found that some people have heard God speaking through us as a couple, in ways that they could not have been reached if either of us had spoken to them alone.  I think it is a pretty awesome (divine) thing that marriage can be used as one of God’s vessels.

  1. Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how?

I love Tworship because I know that I can be instantly connected with a worldwide community of believers in Jesus, as soon as I reach out by typing “#tworship” after my thoughts or praise about the Lord.  It makes me imagine heaven – to know that there is a whole community of living, loving believers who share a passion for worshipping Jesus with me.

The part of Tworship that strengthens my walk with the Lord is the consistency!  Every night at the same time, I know that I am invited to stop what I am doing and focus on worshipping the Lord!  I am invited to forget about the temporary world I am living in and fix my eyes and heart on eternity, and the Eternal One who made me, who never left me when I lost sight of Him, who offered me a way back to Him, and who continues to prepare a place for me.

Tworship encourages me because I get to receive written, instant confirmation from other believers when I post my spirit’s reactions to worship music.  I am amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire similar thoughts, simultaneously, in believers who are engaged fully in worshipping Him in song.

Tworship is also a way that I can engage in worship music with my husband, who claims that he doesn’t sing!  This year, I had the opportunity to attend as my husband served the Lord as a worship leader for the first time ever… through TWORSHIP!   J My husband and I can sit together, praying aloud and in writing as the music plays, calling on the name of Jesus as we both invite Him to inhabit our praise.  I LOVE praising WITH my husband at a set time every night.  When he was traveling regularly for business this past year, it was really amazing to see each other posting to #tworship at the same time.  Even though we were over a thousand miles apart during part of the week, we met each other in the presence of Jesus and the Tworship community of saints!

  1. What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Worship means total surrender of our hearts to the Lord.  Worship is a call out to the Lord to come and let us be with Him again.  It is a cry out to the Lord that He is great and mighty, but that we know that He has befriended us and that we are ready to engage in His love.  My visual picture of worship could have this caption:  “I bow low before you and worship you, Lord.  I wait for you here, knowing that you will lift my face, and let me run into in your presence.”

Sometimes, when I engage in worship, tears stream down my face as I consider the great love that my God has always shown me.  Often, I lift my hands in the air and wave them with my eyes closed – I imagine that I am waving my surrendered life before the Lord as a living wave offering.  Sometimes, I sing harmony with the YouTube video singer, collaborating with offering the song.  Many times, I think of what scriptures must have inspired the lyrics of the song I am hearing.  I post those scriptures on Tworship nights a lot!  Lately, though, and this is strange for a person who is called to sing – I have been praying as I listen to the worship lyrics.  I listen to the words of praise, and then pray my response to those words to the Lord.  I tell Him things like this as I listen – “Yes, Lord, I agree with the words that say you are holy; I know that you are good; help me to be more and more like you.  There is no one else who could be the source of holiness like you, Lord.  You are the one who is worthy.”

  1. Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

I have often laughed a happy laugh – thinking about how God’s shekinah glory hovers over us like a cloud when we are gathered together, and that He can hover over all of us whether we are all physically together or not.  He can (and does!) hover over a virtual gathering if He likes, because He is God.

  1. What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

I love vertical music – the songs that adore the Lord simply because of who He is!  The “Fragrant Burning” song that @mcprodigal posted at the end of 2011 has stuck with me, and it fits that description.  I also love Laura Hackett’s “No One Else” and “Where I Belong” by Matt Gilman.

  1. Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

I am grateful for the vision of Tworship!  I don’t imagine that even the person who started Tworship knew the full extent of God’s ability to use it to connect His people all over the world, gathered in His name.


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