How are you representing Christ?

Posted on April 30, 2012

We as Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are the body! 

As long as we are here on this earth, we will all have different opinions, feel, think, see, do and believe differently.  The trouble is, how do we handle those differences?  Do we lash out in anger or hatred “all in the name of the Lord?” or do we speak with compassion?

We can express our different opinions with love without being condemning, hateful and down right ugly. We simply choose not to. Plain and simple.

Do we have His eyes and heart to see the world with compassion?  Do we love like He loves?  Do we care for the weak and weary like Jesus does?  Do we have the passion to be the one person that will spark another to do right for the Lord?  All it takes is one spark?  Often we are the only picture of Christ that some people will ever see.

So, my heart wonders what picture of Christ we are showing to people every day.

Do they see us reaching out and helping or shaking our heads saying “you made your bed now stay there?”

Do they see us reaching down to help someone up or us kicking those that are already down?

Do they see us doing our part to spread the word about the eternal Love of Christ or are we keeping all of heaven’s treasures for ourselves?

Do they see us handling ourselves as Jesus would or do they see us being anything but Christ like?


How can we be the strong chords that help support each other, instead of the weakest link in the body?

  • Support your Pastor and let him know just how valuable his leadership is.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t let him know this monthly. Cards, gift cards etc.
  • Use encouraging words and verses freely.  Twitter, facebook and other social media avenues are amazing to reach large groups of people at once.
  • Give your time, talents and treasures to your local church. Don’t be stingy with any part of these
  • Encourage your Small Group Leader or Sunday School teacher. They need to know that their efforts touch hearts too.
  • Pay close attention to the elderly and children around you.  Don’t just forget about them. Shower them with love and attention.
  • Give cards of encouragement freely.  Encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Welcome everyone into your congregation. EVERYONE! A warm smile, gentle hug or handshake will do wonders to make people feel welcome.
  • When you greet people in your congregation, greet them by name as it will help new people to remember names easier.
  • Sing out.  Sing.  When your heart is troubled, sing praises to Him.
  • Before the Sunday Service (or any service), pray and ask God to bless your heart from HIS word and then expect to receive a blessing.
  • Encourage your children to learn Bible Verses.  Learn verses with them. You never know when this will strengthen someone else.


Remember, WE are the body! Keep reaching, keep telling others about HIS amazing grace & sacrifice, try, daily to reach someone for the Lord and keep being the best picture of Jesus ever! Your voice in day to day life and here on the web is another chance to touch ONE MORE SOUL! Use it! Use your resources!


Giving out Gospel Tracts is an easy way to spread the Gospel of Christ. I know of two ministries that are giving away HIGH quality FREE tracts.

@photosforsouls – Click here to get free tracts sent to you

@Pastor_Paul – Click here to get free tracts sent to you


Romans 12:5  So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

Isaiah 25:4  For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.

Matthew 28:18-20  

18And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

19Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


Be Matthew 5:16 out loud

{hugs} yall


Anita – @AnitaWhoSings

Posted on March 25, 2012
  1. Anita - @AnitaWhoSingsPlease provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things. You can include whatever you want here.

I am Anita, but I think the Lord’s personal name for me is “Little Praise Singer.”  I encountered the presence of Jesus for the first time when I was about four years old, singing at my mother’s grand piano.  I wrote my first worship song seated on the big black bench.  It only had one musical line because I was teaching myself to play at the same time that I was trying to worship the Lord.  I discovered that something amazing happened when I sang what was in my heart to Him and imagined His face at the same time.  I was overwhelmed with love.  I was absolutely taken and captivated by someone I had never seen before, and I had an incredible, unexplainable desire to just see Him and be with Him.  I began to pray and sing and write songs all of the time to the Lord.  I shared them with my family, recorded them on my brown plastic Fisher-Price tape recorder, and sometimes sang them at my small local church.  I know now what was happening to me back then – as a child, I was fixing my eyes on the unseen, and longing for more closeness with the Lord.  My soul still longs deeply for the Lord’s presence today, now that I am a thirtysomething, happily married mother of four through both birth and adoption.  My daily prayer is that the Lord will remind me constantly of the closest walk we have ever had with each other, and that He will make us even closer than that.  I want for the Lord to keep changing me, degree by degree, to be more and more like Him.  I want to feel what He means when He says that He has me engraved on the palm of His hand.  I pray that He strengthens me in the area of obedience to His word in the hardest areas – like quickly forgiving and letting go of hurts – because I don’t want any sin in my heart to come between us at all.  My favorite things?  I absolutely love my husband of nearly 15 years, @waweys, who I have known since I was a teen!  He is the best friend I have on earth – we share everything in life that we can, from weekly date nights to our favorite bands (like Jesus Culture and Hillsong United and all of the IHOP.ORG worship artists) to grocery shopping and imagining our dinners for the next week.  I love my children and all of their unique qualities.  I love praying God’s word back to Him.  I am an absolute Beth Moore Bible study junkie.  I lead women’s Bible study small groups at my church twice weekly, and I lead worship at the large gathering for our women’s Bible study.  My husband and I are currently small group leaders for the 14-week Alpha course for inmates in a state jail, and we have found a new kind of calling in serving together.  I never knew just how amazing it could be to serve together with my husband in ministry – we have always served individually in the past.  We have found that some people have heard God speaking through us as a couple, in ways that they could not have been reached if either of us had spoken to them alone.  I think it is a pretty awesome (divine) thing that marriage can be used as one of God’s vessels.

  1. Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how?

I love Tworship because I know that I can be instantly connected with a worldwide community of believers in Jesus, as soon as I reach out by typing “#tworship” after my thoughts or praise about the Lord.  It makes me imagine heaven – to know that there is a whole community of living, loving believers who share a passion for worshipping Jesus with me.

The part of Tworship that strengthens my walk with the Lord is the consistency!  Every night at the same time, I know that I am invited to stop what I am doing and focus on worshipping the Lord!  I am invited to forget about the temporary world I am living in and fix my eyes and heart on eternity, and the Eternal One who made me, who never left me when I lost sight of Him, who offered me a way back to Him, and who continues to prepare a place for me.

Tworship encourages me because I get to receive written, instant confirmation from other believers when I post my spirit’s reactions to worship music.  I am amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire similar thoughts, simultaneously, in believers who are engaged fully in worshipping Him in song.

Tworship is also a way that I can engage in worship music with my husband, who claims that he doesn’t sing!  This year, I had the opportunity to attend as my husband served the Lord as a worship leader for the first time ever… through TWORSHIP!   J My husband and I can sit together, praying aloud and in writing as the music plays, calling on the name of Jesus as we both invite Him to inhabit our praise.  I LOVE praising WITH my husband at a set time every night.  When he was traveling regularly for business this past year, it was really amazing to see each other posting to #tworship at the same time.  Even though we were over a thousand miles apart during part of the week, we met each other in the presence of Jesus and the Tworship community of saints!

  1. What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Worship means total surrender of our hearts to the Lord.  Worship is a call out to the Lord to come and let us be with Him again.  It is a cry out to the Lord that He is great and mighty, but that we know that He has befriended us and that we are ready to engage in His love.  My visual picture of worship could have this caption:  “I bow low before you and worship you, Lord.  I wait for you here, knowing that you will lift my face, and let me run into in your presence.”

Sometimes, when I engage in worship, tears stream down my face as I consider the great love that my God has always shown me.  Often, I lift my hands in the air and wave them with my eyes closed – I imagine that I am waving my surrendered life before the Lord as a living wave offering.  Sometimes, I sing harmony with the YouTube video singer, collaborating with offering the song.  Many times, I think of what scriptures must have inspired the lyrics of the song I am hearing.  I post those scriptures on Tworship nights a lot!  Lately, though, and this is strange for a person who is called to sing – I have been praying as I listen to the worship lyrics.  I listen to the words of praise, and then pray my response to those words to the Lord.  I tell Him things like this as I listen – “Yes, Lord, I agree with the words that say you are holy; I know that you are good; help me to be more and more like you.  There is no one else who could be the source of holiness like you, Lord.  You are the one who is worthy.”

  1. Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

I have often laughed a happy laugh – thinking about how God’s shekinah glory hovers over us like a cloud when we are gathered together, and that He can hover over all of us whether we are all physically together or not.  He can (and does!) hover over a virtual gathering if He likes, because He is God.

  1. What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

I love vertical music – the songs that adore the Lord simply because of who He is!  The “Fragrant Burning” song that @mcprodigal posted at the end of 2011 has stuck with me, and it fits that description.  I also love Laura Hackett’s “No One Else” and “Where I Belong” by Matt Gilman.

  1. Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

I am grateful for the vision of Tworship!  I don’t imagine that even the person who started Tworship knew the full extent of God’s ability to use it to connect His people all over the world, gathered in His name.


Brandon – @waweys

Posted on January 30, 2012
  1. Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things. You can include whatever you want here.

Hi my name is Brandon. I am married (to the wife of my youth for 15 years!:) ) and we have four children: 2, 3, 8, 10. I think God’s gift of adoption is awesome. I think God’s gift of marriage is awesome. One of the major things I really enjoy is reading scripture; I am partial to Psalms and memorizing them. I have traveled quite a bit over the years, and when I travel on flights I take an amplified Bible with me (paperback) along with a language book (I love languages) of some sort. One of the times I was reading my Bible, a fellow passenger caught me looking out the window. She remarked that I reminded her of her dad, in that he was always reading his Bible; she then said that looking out at the clouds made her think of Psalm 8. For the life of me, even though I had read the Bible well (the paperback was in tatters), I had no idea what Psalm 8 was about. She sensed this and eased my troubled mind as she rattled-off, “Oh Lord, Our Lord how exceedingly great is Your Name, Your glory is in the heavens…” I immediately knew that she was appointed for me by God, and I have been convicted ever since to memorize entire Psalms as my way of writing His words on my heart much like He has written my name on his hands. The other major thing I like to do is pray for others. I had always been a person that talked to God, ever since I can remember. Anyway, as I grew up and grew in my walk with Christ, I found that God wanted me to intercede for others. Much like Ananias’ story, God is constantly showing me, telling me, appointing, etc., through churches, prisons, missions, hospitals, streets, and marriages, that I should pray for others. One of my most memorable, to this date, was for a homeless man that came up to me and literally asked me to push him into the street so that a car could hit him. I was able to minister the LOVE of Christ as I prayed for him right there on the street. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but exactly where God wanted me to be. I can’t wait to one day rejoice with him in heaven as a brother in Christ. My other main interests, there are so many, include cooking, outdoors, and art.

  1. Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

Tworship has definitely strengthened my walk with God. I readily have a community, a congregation of believers, which pursues God, not because they feel they have to, but because each participant at Tworship really loves God. Each person from around the world is bearing with one and other in prayers and supplications and lifting the Name of God on their own volition, day and night. I really get encouraged when I see people from all over the world, some ending the day and others beginning the day, worshipping God. I am reminded of the Psalm 19:  The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the Firmament displays His handiwork, day tells its tale to day, and night imparts knowledge to night… Through Tworship we have a congregation that is global and yet so close. Tworship has made me just focus more on adoring, praising and chasing God.


  1. What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

I think worship is just an outward display of what is in your heart. I feel overwhelmed when I worship God, when I declare who He is, and when I pray for others. I love that we can have such intimacy from our Lord God. I know that my level of worship has grown; I joyously seek Him in worshipping now. I love that I can begin by singing along to the songs, along with the musicians, and then find myself declaring to God who He is, praising and thanking Him for all that He has done and will do. I love how I can just churn on His Word, and then suddenly the door opens and the meaning behind the words just blows you away! I never want to take for granted the honor that we have to worship Our God at any moment that we get, each day that we are given, and with every breath we draw.

  1. Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

The Tworship group of people is family to me, a spiritual family that is just as bonded by blood as a biological family, perhaps more so, because we are bonded under the blood of Christ. That crimson banner flies over us and gives us each a closeness that goes well beyond this life that we live on Earth. There is such a presence of God dwelling in our praises and in each of our spirits that would make visitors think that we all knew each other deeper than just through twitter, and they are right, because we all know Our Savior, and through Christ we are truly brother and sister, co-heirs with Him.

  1. What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

I definitely enjoy the songs that sing straight to Him! The more I can glorify, praise and give honor to my King, the better. I would like to hold a slot open for the next Tworship set, as I know that each Tworship set has something which the Holy Spirit wants to birth through worship. I would also like to hold a slot for the song to come, when we are all before His throne, seeing His Glory, and are all together singing in celebration. I am currently relishing the music found through IHOP-KC/ 24/7prayer room; like Laura Hackett, Matt Gilman, Cory Asbury, and Misty Edwards. I am addicted to Hillsong United and Hillsong Live, and I also can easily get into worship through Jason Upton, and Jesus Culture.

  1. Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

I am just very appreciative for the congregation of believers that regularly participate in Tworship. I can really grasp and understand what God’s intention must be regarding the idea of corporate worship. It is so beautiful, and I imagine it is for God, to hear His people choosing to love Him, to sing over Him, in all voices and tongues. I know it will be so beautiful to me to one day hear His voice singing over me.

Please follow Brandon on Twitter at @waweys

Louise – @ladylu8

Posted on January 23, 2012



Tworship Interviews Present:

Louise – @LadyLu8


Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things.

My family began attending church when I was 10 where I fell in love with Jesus, was baptised and decided to live for Him at the age of 14. Emmanuel and I met and became childhood sweethearts in church.  We married young and have 4 adult children: Joshua, Melissa, Jason and Jordan.  Josh is married to beautiful daughter in love, Veronica.  We also have an adopted daughter, Lucy, and are proud grandparents to Ashlan Louise, her little girl.  My family is my life.  Emmanuel was always involved in some form of ministry and followed Gods call to Bible College and on to ministry first as Assistants and then Senior Pastors after 3 years. Over the years, through the highs and lows, God has kept us.  Today we enjoy loving 0n and leading a multi cultural church – Real life where the journey continues.

Throughout my life, God has been my constant source of strength and security.  Through life events, I had learned to fear people, and became a timid and very obedient child. I withdrew emotionally as my issues with trust grew, finding solace, acceptance and a trusted friend in God. After years of feeling like a “square peg in a round hole” God met me and gave me a purpose – to love on and encourage those within my sphere of influence.  He also gave me the strength and resolve to let go of the things I cannot change. I find comfort and peace; I find rest and renewal; i find strength and continuing joy…in worship.  It’s my life-line. It’s my safety net. Its my life.

Being a “mercy” and “maternal” kind of gal, I embrace all who need me, sincerely. To the best of my ability, I also make myself available to all who need a listening ear as a qualified counselor.  People fascinate me and I’ve found that all have stories and all need love.  At times I am moved to tears…it comes with the tag : )

I love children! Sincere and honest, they tell it like it is and you know exactly where you stand. Some of my favourite things include: Wild, red poppies, walking on the beach, my family, reading, cooking, live theatre, entertaining, going on missions trips, and… people.

Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

I stumbled upon Tworship by accident and for a while followed anonymously, reading comments posted by @McProdigal.  I didn’t realise he was worshipping as I RT’d some of his posts…  From these shy beginnings, I was very kindly drawn into a community of worshippers that I’m still getting to know and growing to love.

Thru Tworship, God has gifted me with an opportunity to connect to a community of God-lovers, that are not ashamed to shout their love for God from the Twitter roof top.  I find my faith strengthened and fanned to go higher and stretch wider.  Apart from that, I have been gifted with a community of Prayer Warriors who will pray for me at a moment’s notice if I need it.  Can it get any better???

Life has its ups and downs and it can become a long time between Sundays during a “low” week.  Tworship is the invitation to participate in raising our minds, eyes, ears and hands…and is extended to everyone during the week.  Church is great… Worship is great… Tworship blends the two and provides all who participate with an opportunity to enjoy God’s “Presence” and “Church” 5 extra days per week!  I LOVE it!   The idea of “holding hands” across the globe in Tworship through the medium of Twitter is a testament of Godly and brotherly love.  It’s also a light to the path of all who may be searching for The Truth.  It is giving seekers the opportunity to connect with “The Church” for those who have yet to enter its four walls.  You could say, it’s calling out to the “Prodigals” and showing them the way home.  Bible says, “By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another…”  John 13:35  That love is evident and shining brightly through Tworship.

What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Worship is everything to me.  I am a sinner, saved by the grace of Almighty God.  It is my reasonable act of service and love to extend my gratitude to The One who first loved, and died, to save me.  I display my worship in various ways depending on where I’m at.  From raising my hands in surrender, to dancing with joy; from kneeling in reverence, to being so overwhelmed by Gods love, that I can only cry.   It’s all worship to me.

Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

Yes! There is no distance or time difference when “family” comes together in one mind and with one purpose.   The Holy Spirit has connected us, and is continuing to bind us together as we lift up Jesus Name… For this, I am grateful.

What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

Some of my favourite songs are those by Artists: Hillsong, Delirious, Michael W Smith, Chris Tomlin, Brooke Fraser, Jesus Culture, Planet Shakers, etc, etc..  but also showing my bias by saying that some of my all time favourites have been written by my son Josh who heads a band called The Kingdom.  I love the well known “golden oldies” right through to contemporary ones.  Each generation has etched its notch into the worship lyrics of our God and I enjoy them all.  If it glorifies God, I’m happy!

1. This Is Our God – Hillsong

2. The Fathers Heart – Hillsong

3. Show Me Your Glory – Jesus Culture

Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

I’m sure I speak for Tworshippers world wide when I say THANK YOU to Richard Mayhan and Marie Wikle for having this vision, for bringing it to fruition and facilitating Tworship.  Love it.  Love you.



Roger – @RogerKuiper

Posted on November 29, 2011

Roger Kuiper @RogerKuiper

Tworship Interviews Present:

Roger  – @RogerKuiper

Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things.

I was born again when I was 8 years old, after hearing a sermon about Hell and God’s Grace through Christ. I’d been going to churchwith my family and attending Vacation Bible School each summer when I was young. At 12 I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and felt the Call of God on my Life toward ministry. Around the same period of time, God revealed to me that I would never experience physical death, so I believe I’ll be alive In Christ when Jesus returns for His Bride. For 40 some years I suffered the disease of Depression, until summer 2008, when God began delivering me through the empowering songs of Miley Cyrus. It was very unexpected, but I was aware of Balaam being saved by the voice of his donkey, so I was grateful for God’s deliverance, and He gave me a burden for celebrities in general (which I see as an overlooked mission field). About a year or so later I began ministering online and have been doing so for about a year and a half now.

Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

Yes. When I first came across Tworship on  I was glad to participate. I immediately felt the Presence of God as we worshipped together and praised God in song. :)  I don’t have  a way to get to church (I’m poor and buses don’t run on Sundays), so Tworship provides me a way of gathering together with other Believers in fellowship and worship. Tworship helps to build up my faith as well.

What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Since I began ministering online, my flesh has attacked me like never before, because it wants to regain control and I won’t let it. So it’s become very important to worship God as often as possible and to keep His Word before my eyes and on my tongue.  By praising God with others in Tworship, I’m able to gain Strength from God, and from my brothers and sisters in Christ as we worship God together in song, and re-tweet meaningful things that are shared before, during, and after Tworship.  Tworship places my spirit in the proper frame of mind to continue ministry to others, as God ministers to me through Tworship.

Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

Absolutely! Like church meetings, in Tworship we gather together because we want to worship God with one another, and God honors that with His Presence among us. While we may be separated by distance, there is no distance in the realm of the spirit, so God visits each of us individually, and He visits us corporately as we Tworship together. His Spirit definitely brings closeness with each other as we are engaged in Tworship. I’ve experienced, and I know others have too, a sense of joyous anticipation when waiting for Tworship. :)  LOL. Some of us even get started early, by sharing scriptures and praising God. Sometimes we even post worship songs and videos, to the others involved in Tworship, before and/or after the scheduled videos for Tworship which we all participate in at the scheduled time.  Tworship helps keep me fired up for Jesus! After engaging in Tworship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, sometimes
God will have a specific message for me to share with others online. I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels to be a tool in the Hands of God to bring Truth, Love, Joy, and Peace to others. For as I share the Joy I’ve gained by engaging in Tworship, I get those same fruits of the Spirit flowing through me as I share them with others.

What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

That’s a tough question. There have been so many great Tworship songs that it’s really hard for me to choose 3 favorites. I would have to say that I enjoy the Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin songs the most, as well as some of the great old hymns.

Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

Only that I would love to see Tworship continue and the number of people
participating in it grow. I know that some of us keep in touch even when Tworship is not taking place at the moment. I think that’s great, for it gives us the opportunity to fellowship with one another.  In my own opinion, people can never worship God too often. Worship is so important to the Life of each and every Christian that it’s with great Joy that I enter into Tworship whenever I can. Occasionally I have had to Tworship on one hand, while I’m involved in ministering to someone on the other hand. While I don’t like my attention divided while worshipping, I know God understands the importance of sharing His Love with someone, and we don’t always get to choose the timing.  As I
occasionally deal with celebrities, I especially have to be conscious that I have to be on their schedule if I want to continue to share His Love with them. I also encourage them to come to Tworship. I don’t know if any have yet, for they haven’t participated, but they may have been in the audience and watched the videos along with us. :)

You can find out more about Roger Here:


And of course, YOU can follow Roger on twitter at

Renee – @ReneeFiorilli

Posted on November 29, 2011

Renee - @ReneeFiorilli

Tworship Interviews Present:

Renee – @ReneeFiorilli

Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things.

My name is Renee Fiorilli I have been married to my husband Mike for 25 yrs.  We are high school sweethearts.  We have two children Michael Jr. 23, and Tiffany 16  our surviving twin.  Mike & I got saved while dating and still in high school at a Billy Graham crusade.  We have been attending Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale in FL for 21 years our senior Pastor is Bob Coy. I suffered for years with major depression.  I work part time for CharHut Catering, I love my job I work with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, & sometimes my daughter Tiffany works with us. My husband has his own business Leonora Fashions of South Florida, Inc..Him & my father-in-law make uniforms for the cruise lines.

Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

Tworship has helped me in many ways.  I have a passion in my heart when it comes to worship.  For years it was worship music that kept me alive.  During the most difficult days when I was so unstable I would listen to all praise & worship music.  I am still alive today on this earth because of worship.  Thanks be to the LORD!  Worship has been my encouragement for years.  However when I found #Tworship on twitter I was in glory.  I am not able to do it every night.  But when I can be there I am there!  It makes my soul bubble and jump for joy!!  I am so much stonger today in the Lord and have made friends thru Tworship.

What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Worship means everything to me.  I have Christian music on from the time I wake up in the morning until after dinner in the evening when my husband turns the tv on.  I sing worship songs while I am at work serving others.  I also think I have so much joy in my heart from worship & others can see that joy in my life.  I really do not watch any tv at all very rarely will I be tuned into the tv.  But while my husband sits on the couch I sit right next to him with my laptop on my lap with my ear phones on & do my thing.  And that makes me soooooo happy & thankful for Tworship.

Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

Although when we go online and participate in Tworship together but in different places the Holy Spirit meets us right where we are & thru His Spirit we all feel as though we are together.  Because His Spirit gives us the unity we need to feel as though we are all together even though we are in different places around the globe. Tworship has made a positive impact in my life.  We clap our hands together, we sing together, we enjoy the instruments together, we jump up and down together, we have a blast together, we encourage each other, we love each other, and the list never ends.  If you read in Matthew 18:18-20, He is with us.  Thank YOU JESUS!!!

What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

My top Tworship songs are:

Ok this is a hard question for me, what are my top 3 favorites?  Well how about my favorite artists that makes it easier for me.  Because I am a worship freak in a good way.  So here they are Michael W Smith, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Third Day, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, oh I am sorry you only asked for 3 LOL!!! They are all good & I love those I mentioned and soooooo many more.

Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

I want to give a special shout out to and a big thank you to spreadingJOY and mcProdigal better know as Marie & Richard for all their time & encouragement.

YOU can follow Renee on twitter at

Jeff Cox @Jeff_Cox

Posted on November 29, 2011

Tworship Interviews Present:

Jeff Cox – @jeff_cox

Thanks Jeff for being a wonderful part of the Tworship services each night!

Enjoy the Interview:

Here are additional places you’ll find Jeff hanging out:


Conrad @MostRadicalMan

Posted on November 29, 2011

Conrad @MostRadicalMan

Tworship Interviews Present:

Conrad – @mostradicalman

Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things.

I like the word ‘radical’ not only because “Rad” is a part of my name, but it also has an interesting meaning.
“Arising from or going to a root or source;”  That is what i like to do!  I like to dig deeper into the things of the bible and go higher with God!  (Proverbs  25:2) Also, i enjoy movies and  books,  usually on the topic of liberty.

Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

The Way Tworship and Twitter in general has strengthened my walk?    There is a power knowing that people all over the world are worshiping with me simultaneously.  I have often sensed the presence of God during Tworship.  That surprised me during my very first Tworship session.  I was hooked after that!

This is encouraging, because, I feel like I am a piece of a puzzle now joining with other pieces of the same puzzle.  Richard said something about  Tworship being a place to emphasize our commonalities and letting the differences go.  I totally agree with that.

What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Worship is a way of Interacting with The Lord and letting Him know that I love Him and that.  He is  Worthy of my praise!  God has saved me from so much that I just HAVE to praise Him.   Worship is not something I do because I am commanded, but because I want to!  I love fellowshipping with the Lord in Spirit and in Truth!

As far as displaying it? When we fellowship closely with the Lord we are forever changed.  It reminds me of how Moses went up the mountain to seek God and came back and his face glowed (EX 34).  Talk about being a light unto the world!  Worship empowers us to walk as a light even in the midst of our daily battles.

Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

Yes! The Lord touched me during the very first #Tworship song I participated in!  I almost fell out of my chair!  And it feels great that others all over the world are experiencing the same thing with me at the same time!  Praise God!

What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

My top Tworship songs are…. ALL of them. I don’t have any favorites.  AND even though MARIE gave me a hard time and nagged me about it, I STILL don’t have favorites!


Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

One of the main things I like about #Tworship is the ability to actually focus on worshipping in Spirit and in Truth as commanded by our Lord: John 4:24  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

Tworship enables us to not be concerned about our surroundings or how we look and silly things that might possibly preoccupy us at church.   This enables us to focus on getting into the spirit.

Thank you so much for coming up with #Tworship!

For biblical teaching,  growth and a wonderful blessing, you can read more and hear more from Conrad at

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Linda – @letters4theLord

Posted on November 29, 2011

Linda - @PrisonMentor

Tworship Interviews Present:

Linda O. @PrisonMentor & @Letters4theLord

Please provide us with a short bio of a few things about yourself including a few of your favorite things.

I have been married for 29 yrs to George Jr, 3 dogs,1 cat, no children due to cancer at age 23,
I am a bookworm, love to read Christian books, of course the Bible, been a Christian since age 16 I am now 53.

I am very passionate about prison ministry, Jesus called me to writing prisoners as a teen, but 12 yrs ago I started going into prison, because my husband’s neice served 7yrs while she was innocent, wrongly convicted.  Jesus has given me a strong, heavy burden and passion about women in prison.

Has Tworship helped strengthen your walk with the Lord? Does it encourage you? If so, how.

Tworship is wonderful, it has encouraged me, the unity of worshipping with other believers is
so uplifting.  I dont always get this wonderful time of worship at my church , so I get it in other ways
Tworship is a fun, uplifting, joyful time with Christian friends. I look forward to it.

What does the worship in Tworship mean to you and how do you display it?

Tworship to me just means a ‘Time to worship’ online, to share Jesus and His love
with those who are lost or backslidden on twitter.  A positive way to share Him that is
non threatening to those who are listening/reading. I display it by my tweets that I share during the time.

Even though we are separate when we participate in Tworship, can you feel the closeness through the Holy Spirit? How does that make you feel?

Yes I can feel the closeness, the fellowship and it  makes me happy & lifts my spirit, encourages me that
there are other believers out there who love to worship/praise the Lord.

What are your top 3 favorite Tworship songs?

1. Revelation Song

2. We Are The Reason

3 Mary Did You Know

and many others

Any other comments about Tworship you’d like to add?

Tworship is a wonderful creative way to worship Jesus online, to use Twitter in a positive
uplifting way, there is so much negative junk in the world, even on Twitter  and  Tworship
brings everyone back to what is really important.  It also makes people realize Jesus is their answer
as we praise Him, then He draws them to Himself.   He promises to do that!
I am blessed to be connected with both Richard and Marie.  Thanks for creating Tworship.
I know its Christ inspired, because who else would have thought that you could just worship
Jesus on Twitter of all places, and minister to many people at the same time as worshipping Him.

Please read more about Linda’s passion for encouraging prisoners:

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Do you have some extra time each month to write and encourage a prisoner?  Please contact Linda and let her know you’d love to adopt a prisoner to write to!

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