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Posted on November 11, 2011

Marie Wikle is the founder of Spreading Joy Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 


About Marie Wikle:

Seeing through the eyes of compassion and understanding the heart that desires to have an impact, Marie encourages others to see the full potential of the everyday, ordinary resources that is right within their reach.

Everyone needs to make a difference and with creative thinking and a unique look at the ordinary, she shows people all over the world just how easy it is to make a difference.

Marie is available to speak to your ladies group, child’s class room or any social gathering so that you can hear firsthand how to step up, lead the way in innovative thinking and see just how easy the ordinary items of daily living can be used to make a difference.

Finding JOY - Click here to see what we can do for your group

Our Passion:

Encoragement for the Discouraged:

In this economy, many people are discouraged.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing that encouragement is totally FREE!  We can make such a HUGE difference in someone’s day or even their life if we will be sensitive to their needs.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a warm hug or a firm handshake.  You never know what path someone is on and just how deeply it is affecting their very soul.

Take some time to encourage someone today!  Send an uplifting card, a happy email.  If you know that they blog, post a comment or tell someone about their writing.  Smile – it is the single easiest and probably the best way to encourage.  Randomly leave out Little Debbie Cakes so that others can “UnWrap a Smile”!  It doesn’t take much to encourage. Here are 50 ways to make a difference without spending a penny.  Come on! Join me in Spreading Joy today!

Battered Women’s Shelter:

Many of these women feel that they deserve the abuse they are receiving, so just getting them to the shelter is a leap of faith.  Their abusers keep control over them at all times and refuse to let them get employment outside of the home.  Many of these women go back to their abuser simply because they cannot go forward. SJC’s desire is to help provide the necessary computer training to aid in getting the jobs that these women so desperately need.  Interviewing skills, resume writing and customer service skills are some of the other training needs that we will provide for these women.  SJC is also a source of encouragement and motivation.  We will constantly remind these ladies that they deserve to live without fear of abuse, and that they are able to take care of their families, they are able to live in peace, joy and happiness.

Inner City Children:

Many of these children are thought of around Christmas time, but what about the other 11 months of the year?  Our goal is to help them during this time with their needs.  By giving to and working with these children throughout the year, we want to show them we care all year long and teach them that they can make a difference.  Teaching these children to make the right choices, to control their behavior, to give the gift of love and friendship are among the goals that SJC has for these boys and girls. By partnering with several organizations that work to meet these needs, we can reach these children and show them that someone does care.

The Elderly:

Many of our elderly citizens are forced to decide between eating, taking medicine or having heat or A/C.  Many of these great men and women who paved the way for us so long ago will miss meals so that they can have their medicine.  Our desire is to help them to be able to have all that they need without having to choose.  Not only will we do all we can to aid them, but we will help their family be informed about various services, such as Meals on WheelsElder Care .  We want to make sure they are able to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and be able to afford the medicine they so desperately need without having to give up any of their meals.


Lincolnton NC is working on getting a homeless shelter but until then, I want to do what I can to help those that I pass on the street.  In this society, I usually never, ever have cash and feel horrible when I pass someone in need.  We generally turn around and go through a drive thru and get them a dinner of some sorts.  SJC is trying to put together 200 Care Kits to help in these situations.  These Kits will contain soaps, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush and any other items I can get donated.  I’d love to find someone who had the coupons for a free Cheeseburger or free 99 cents value meal item – to put in there so at least I’d know that they were able to eat.

Homelessness has a new face these days.  There are families that are losing everything to this horrible economy and SJC wants to make a difference in any way that we can!

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