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Posted on November 11, 2011


#Tworship is a time of praise on the social network Twitter.

We set aside time each weeknight to simply spend time praising the Lord and encouraging others to do the same.

You’ve seen the “twitter chats” where people come together at a certain time to discuss leadership, various products/things, groups etc? This is the same thing – except it is centered around simply praising the Lord.  Nothing more.

You basically listen to the songs at the time listed and tweet the lyrics and or verses to the music. People from all over the world take time to do this.


Here is more details on how to join #Tworship each week night at 9pm EST


It’s just cool to take 15 minutes on twitter to just do nothing but praise the Lord with brothers/sisters from all over the world.


How exactly do I participate in #Tworship?

1. Watch for the Tworship songs to be tweeted. Generally the link to the three YouTube worship songs and their titles are tweeted 30 minutes before Tworship begins;

Tworship begins Monday-Friday at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific. We tweet the songs early for those who need to listen early or late due to schedule conflicts and to build some anticipation for those who will participate live.

Another tip off that we’re nearing a start is you’ll see me tweeting Bible verses about worship followed by prayer about worship.

2. I generally “buffer” my videos so they play straight through.  Start the first video on the hour exactly or wait for a tweet from myself or co-leader Mike  @aheartforgod that says “GO!!!” followed by the song name, artist and a link to the Tworship Music Page.  All three songs with precise start times, to help you keep in sync with us, are there as well.

3. Start song 2 and/or 3 from the Music Page at the time indicated or wait for our “GO!!!” tweet for song 2 and/or 3.

4. Praise away … make any comments that seem appropriate … let the Spirit lead you to worship.

5. Be encouraged by reading the tweets of the other Tworship participants. We use the hashtag (the thing in red) #Tworship in our tweets. This means that you can click on that and follow the hashtag on the web or open a column just for Tworship in Tweetdeck or hootsuite. This makes it easy to watch and you can interact at will. Another option is – you key in the hashtag and change the refresh time. The great thing about this option is that it will automatically add in the hashtag #Tworship for you, so everyone will see your tweet that is following that specific stream.

6. Watch the thank you’s done by me and/or @aheartforgod when the three songs are over. Follow the tweeps in this list and you will find yourself surrounded by an amazing group.

7.  Email any questions or song suggestions to me at – marie @ – make sure you give me your twitter name so that when I use your song suggestion, I can tweet you to let you know or you might miss it.


In a nut shell – you click the video at the time listed and while you are listening to the praise songs, you tweet the lyrics and/or verses.  Easy Peasy. 


History of Tworship: 

It began by accident. Richard @mcProdigal had a habit of rallying tweeps to pray for people in crisis, nothing unusual there, and would synchronize the prayers by telling them to begin their prayer at a certain time. One night Richard was discussing worship music with  Me –  Marie Wikle @spreadingJOY and I suggested that he listen to How Great is Our God by Chris Tomlin. Richard then suggested that we could listen to it together by beginning it at exactly 9pm Eastern.

There was a flood of comments and retweets due to the popularity of the song and the idea that we could worship together by synchronizing the start time, so we did it again … and again and Tworship was born.

Marie @spreadingJOY of Spreading Joy Corporation, continues to co-lead this with Pastor Mike @aheartforGod; we are joined each

weeknight by 200+ worshipful spirits from Facebook and Twitter for each of the two songs. These loyal worshipers click on the two links between 500 and 1,000 times per night and represent a total reach of more than 84,000 tweeps (per TweetReach), all building a throne of praise for our Lord, one praise at a time.

I’m not surprised that God would use Twitter, Facebook and Tworship in this way. God appears to be completely comfortable with technology. He’s waiting for us to catch up!


To meet more of our Tworship family & see their heart of worship, please click here to meet them. 


Richard Mayhan
Pastoral Counsel, Releasing the Deep Dark Secret


Marie WikleSpreading Joy Corporation
President/Founder of Spreading Joy


Pastor MikeA Heart for God


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