Posted on November 11, 2011

1. Start time: 9:00 pm Eastern

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2. Start time: 9:03 pm Eastern

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3. Start time: 9:07 pm Eastern

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38 Responses

  1. Barbara:

    Site looks great!!

    28.11.2011 20:35

  2. Juanita Brooks:

    LOVE the site and the music is great…thank you for sharing

    28.11.2011 21:38

  3. Sharri:

    Love this! Tworship .. what a blessing to all!

    29.11.2011 21:37

  4. Mark:

    This site looks great…..looking forward to Tworship again!

    30.11.2011 14:11



    08.12.2011 11:15

  6. Lisa Hutchinson:

    Love this new site!

    08.12.2011 21:16

    • deepraj rizal:

      prayer for me and our youth and church member on this 40days fasting prayer with hope and request

      11.02.2013 16:55

  7. Mark:

    good songs tonight guys! God bless!

    08.12.2011 21:28

  8. Mark:

    good songs again guys! God bless!

    12.12.2011 21:19

  9. Mark:

    good worship songs again tonight guys….I am blessed again!

    14.12.2011 21:54

  10. mark luker (@lifeinsumpter):

    you guys called the spirit here tonight – great songs! I am blessed!!!

    28.12.2011 21:17

  11. Mark:

    great music tonight guys… Matthew West!!!! I am blessed!

    05.01.2012 21:20

  12. Bunny Ramey:

    Never tire from doing the Lords work. It is such a blessing to be able to worship God on twitter with you all. #tworship

    07.01.2012 21:13

  13. Louise:

    This, today, has impacted me so much. To be reminded that God has opened his arms to us, put his seal on us, and saved us from our overwhelming sense of loss and grief due to separation with God, reminds me yet again to reach out and touch someone’s life with Gods love. It’s free, it’s available, but someone needs to hear it and know it. Big hugs Richard for a beautiful and memorable Tworship session

    18.01.2012 21:17

  14. Brenda Northway:

    Loved the songs. so glad I was able to attend as ii just got out of the hospital with double pneumonia. Warmed my soul.

    16.02.2012 21:21

  15. Tristine:

    This was my first time doing this. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

    22.02.2012 21:16

  16. Sue Alice:

    First time here. My friend at the Womens Bible Study Cafe`, had thi in her post fot Lent. I will be back. Thanks. Blessings.

    24.02.2012 17:58

    • richard:

      Welcome, your friend is a longtime friend of mine

      24.02.2012 18:01

  17. Joy Martin:

    May God bless Tworship. I am so happy to have disvoered this site! ~Joy

    01.03.2012 21:26

  18. Tina V:

    Incredibly moved by #Tworship music 0f 3-2-12….I can not thank you enough for bringing this music ministry to life…I may not be here every night but am richly blessed when I am…keep up the God work

    03.03.2012 08:29

  19. Annette Gaston:

    Beautiful worship,…cleansing for the soul. Loved it, could have kept going…..Blessings to you

    20.03.2012 21:59

  20. Gloria Astegiano:

    Women bible cafe had the link and I enjoyed a lot!!!!!

    22.03.2012 13:47

  21. Gloria Astegiano:

    This is my first time in this site, and I was blessed to the beautiful worship .

    22.03.2012 14:40

  22. Ann:

    i will lift my hands of praise to you

    03.04.2012 16:04

  23. Catherine Gross:

    I love this! So happy to be here. Blessing to all .

    10.05.2012 10:02

  24. Annette Gaston:

    Love this, thank you so much. Haven’t been here for awhile…am so thankful for this today.
    Blessings to you all. Shalom- Shalom

    29.05.2012 21:17

  25. Annette Gaston:

    Thank you for sharing this tonight. Was blessed!

    13.07.2012 21:33

  26. Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross:

    What a tremendous blessing you are, Ministering to the heart of all Gods children. Thank you so much for inviting me to such a beautiful service.
    Servant to the Master,
    Rev. Dr. C. M. Gross

    06.08.2012 21:20

    • Rev.Stephen Mathyrs Acquah:

      I am very grateful that you have introduced this site to me. I do appreciate you

      17.08.2012 19:07

  27. Rishie:

    tworship is such a blessing, thank you for all that you do! God bless!

    24.10.2012 21:23

  28. Jennifer Carter:

    When I needed to be uplifted, I found this site.
    Thank you for being a Blessing to me. Thank you…+

    25.10.2012 20:52

  29. Lizandra Zevallo:

    Este site é ótimo, amei a musica do Cris Tolim, linda! Obrigada por este site, Deus abençoe voces!

    04.12.2012 21:12

  30. yasmin:

    Love, love, love Meridith Andrews. This site is great. Quite uplifting !!!

    12.03.2013 00:44

  31. Frector:

    This is different but I like it. I’m hungry for His Word.

    19.03.2013 21:23

  32. Harry Willer:

    God’s Glory comes in as you sing from your heart and lifts all the burdens you have away!

    29.03.2013 21:19

  33. jong:

    to god be the glory

    30.10.2013 21:08

  34. Phil Kammer:

    Hey all you worshipers of our Lord – I pray your all doing well and if not praising our Lord with even more resolve……Blessings to all – Phil

    14.08.2014 21:25

  35. naro:

    these songs are really a blessing for me

    21.08.2014 05:44

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